Sales and Service

We offer a wide range of products at competitive prices with the highest quality. Our line of parts and components support EMD and GE locomotives and a broad line of products for the Passenger Transit market. We offer new parts and components to accommodate any budget constraints. We are striving to provide enhanced products that reduce cost associated with field failures and downtime.

Air Brakes Gaskets & Seals Air Conditioning & Heating Units Gauges Armature Rewind Kits Gear Cases Bearings Gears & Pinions Horns Hardware Nuts /Bolts Brush Holders Hoses Capacitors Relays Compressors Compressor Parts Grid Resistors Contact Kits Silicon Control Rectifiers GTO’ Thyristers Coil Springs Diesel Engine Parts Transformers Steel Wheels Electrical Spares Wear Plates Field Coils Fuses Contacts Starter Motors Voltage convertersEnd Shields Traction Motor Parts Carbon Brushes Resistors Wire and Cables Speed Sensors Meters & Instruments Printed Circuit Boards & Modules Armature Shafts Diodes Armature Coils Interpole Coils Filters Batteries Lamps Tools Shunts Connectors Jumpers Fuel Injector Parts Turbocharger Parts Circuit Breakers Fuel Injection Pumps Truck Parts Bolster Mounts Modules Heat Sinks Arc Chutes Couplers Piston Rings Pistons Cam Shafts